Ellen Melko Moore 

April 5, 2019

Ellen Melko Moore is a powerhouse when it comes to getting people to hone in on their brand.

She believes that until you understand what your brand is, your value, who you are specifically valuable to and WHY. . . it is impossible to market to them effectively.

Ellen can be found at www.supertightbrand.com

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I am starting this monthly call-in show over zoom starting April 26th, 2019.

It is called ASK ME ANYTHING!

The goal is to enable small businesses and startups a place where they can ask the branding, marketing and sales questions that they need to in order to survive and thrive.

This will be a group of no more than 100 people and each week I will personally be available for 90-minutes to answer the questions you have.

It will also be recorded and available for download every month.

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Ellen wanted me to make available her STB Dream Client Evaluator.

CLICK HERE to download.


Audience Questions:

How can these things be taught the right way?

During my opening comments, I spoke about human skills. How to listen, empathize, communicate, etc.

I referenced two organizations that teach the skills necessary to make you better at communicating effectively.

www.cpsa.ca  (Canada)

www.nasp.com (US)

www.toastmasters.com (worldwide)

When do people (clients) start listening?

Clients start listening when they perceive value to them. When they understand that you understand them and have a solution that solves a problem that they currently have.


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