June 7th 2017 we started on a new venture called The YourLIVINGBrand.live Show.   The purpose of this show, which is live on Facebook every Wednesday at 10am PST, is to show that all companies and brands are unique and have a story that is valuable to tell.

We all have an audience that will stand up and recognize us if we can be compelling in our story, show vision and value of the brand and speak in the language that they understand and relate to.

This show aims to tell those stories.   Each week, I will have a different guest who will answer the question “What’s Your Story?” and tell us how they tell that story, to whom and why they should care.

If you miss the live broadcasts, we will post them here within 24 hours after the original broadcast.   I hope you enjoy them and if they speak to you, we would love to start a conversation about how we can help you realize the value of your brand, communicate it effectively and stop from being seen as a commodity in the marketplace.

It was great having Rich Patterson of Patterson Brands on the show today.   Rich and I talked about the value of custom and the details needed to do it right. It is all about the brand!  

Hello everyone: Welcome to the October 11, 2017 episode of the YourLIVINGBrand.live show with Mark Fidelman of Fanatics Media. Mark is your one true source for Influencer Marketing. Want to know more?   Have a look at this!

Sam is a wonderful guest.   He is the recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal from Queen Elizabeth II, the owner of GradusOne.com, a Ted Talk veteran and a lecturer at SFU. We spent some time talking about differentiation and perspective. I hope you enjoy this. Ben  

In today’s episode we interview Anthony Madani of UpMedia.    Anthony and I discuss how video helps to tell a clearer story and engage audiences in more profound ways. I hope that you enjoy it. Ben

Welcome to another edition of the YourLIVINGBrand.live show.   On today’s episode, we speak with Mark Graham of commonsku.   Mark walks us through what it is like to create a brand and how to stay loyal to your early adopters. I hope you enjoy this and I would love to hear your thoughts. Ben

Here is our latest show with Collin Bissoondatt.   Collin is Canada’s Employee Termination Professional. I will leave it at that! Enjoy the show and I look forward to hearing your comments.

On the September 6th edition of the YourLIVINGBrand.live show we interview Garry Priam of Mossa Int’l.   Garry works with companies to help get the most of out employees and develop systems and processes for companies that make sense, are repeatable and make companies more effective. I hope you enjoy our show. Ben

While I was away in Alaska, I released this pre-recorded video of the interview I did with Paul Bellantone, President and CEO of PPAI.    We had a great conversation about the value of creating value in customer’s eyes and developing programs that demonstrate why people should do business with you. I hope you enjoy. […]

Bill and I discussed the value of a brand, re-branding and who really owns your brand today on the YourLIVINGBrand.live show. Sit back and enjoy!

Having Russell on my show is an absolute pleasure. He has gone from being an Mentee a couple of years ago to running his own successful promotional marketing distributorship in Edmonton, Alberta. Join us while we explore what he has done to ensure his long term success.

Hello everyone: Today we interviewed Lorne Kotzer, President and CEO of Soft Stuff Creations.  Lorne and I discussed what makes his company unique when they create custom plush toys. I think you will enjoy the show.

Today on the YourLIVINGBrand.live show I am going solo.   I wanted to take the time to talk directly to you to tell you about where we were, where we are and where we are going.   I have had a few challenges with the show over the last few weeks and have not changed […]