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Since the show first went on the air June 2017, we have created more than 75 episodes with the thought process that every client is unique and has a story to tell that resonates with their audience. Each week, we dig in, to understand not only what their value is but to whom. Through listening to my guests, my goal is for you to understand how to communicate to the right people, how to use the right mediums in ways that they find relevant, and to help you to stop being a commodity and start being a brand worth loving.

Through our new partnership with IHEART Radio, we will be taking this message to a national audience and help our guests, our sponsors, and our audience understand why they are valuable and how they serve their audiences.

JOIN US each week, and we will help you answer the question “What’s Your Story?”
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Apply to be a guest!

Thank you for your interest in being part of my show. I am looking for brands who have a unique story to tell my audience about how they communicate effectively with the people they wish to influence:

As a guest, you will receive a copy of the podcast and social media exposure. The more exposure you give your episode the more I will reciprocate.
Once I have reviewed your information, you will receive a link with instructions as to how to book your episode.

Thank you for applying to be my guest and I look forward to hopefully having you on the show.
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