We believe that workshops should be informative, relevant and engaging.  Our goal is to tailor workshops to the situations and personal circumstances of our clients and provide tangible takeaways that can be acted upon immediately.

We always meet with you beforehand to understand where you are, the challenges you face and the direction you are trying to go.

Our goal is to work with you to get you there and develop the skills of your people to take your business to the next level.

Brand, Communicate and Lead for Success

Brand, Communicate and Lead for Success is designed to make small groups of leaders better at what they do.   It will allow them to understand and codify their personal brands and gain insight as to how to use this knowledge to communicate more effectively and become better leaders.

This workshop is designed to allow you to work in small groups to understand who you are, what you do, why you do it, for whom and why they find you valuable?   It is designed to help you then take those lessons learned and turn them into more effective leadership skills.

Personal Branding for Executives

Our Definition of Personal Brand:   

Your personal brand is who you are at your core.   It is your beliefs, your wants, your needs and your desires.   It is how people view you and the value that they see in you.   It is not just about you, it is how people perceive you.   If there is a disconnect about how you view yourself and how others view you, you have not defined your brand properly, or have not communicated it effectively!

This workshop is designed to be a full day, hands on workshop for executives or managers.   We suggest running the course separately for either group.

The course is designed to allow management to understand their own personal brand, vision and values and how those mesh with that of the company.   The goal is to allow them to become better leaders through being able to communicate objectives and mandates more effectively.

Telling the Story of the Brand

This workshop can be taught at a variety of levels within an organization.   It is getting staff and management beyond sighting vision statements by rote and getting them to understand, engage with and become storytellers of the brand story.

It is about getting employees, at all levels, to believe in the vision and values of the brand and be ambassadors both within the company and in each and every interaction they have with the public at large.

Is Your Brand Still Relevant?

This workshop is usually done at corporate retreats.

It is designed to make the executive evaluate whether their brand is still relevant and if they are telling a brand story that truly engages their audience.

The goal is to assess whether the brand is still relevant, whether it needs to be re-positioned or whether it is time for a re-brand.


Trade Show Development

You have 3 seconds to be noticed!

It is possible to have ROI from a trade show but it requires a strategic plan! Trade shows are not successful just by showing up. You need to develop a strategy.

  • Pre-show to make sure the right people come to your booth.
  • During the show you need to have a consolidated approach to attract prospects, gather data, give information and stimulate a call to action.
  • Post-show you need to follow up and follow through.

This workshop is designed to allow you and your team to get the most out of your trade shows.  It will help you evaluate whether you are going to the right shows, what your objectives for going to those shows are and give you the tools to be able to achieve those goals.

Our goal is to help you be strategic in your planning and implementation so that you get the best return on your investment.

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