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“To say I was impressed by Ben’s workshop is an understatement. The way in which he integrates brand communication with personal storytelling to build value is eye-opening. “

Brendan J. Wong

In-Person Workshops

People learn best when they are engaged, involved and understand objectives and outcomes.  I develop customized workshops for my clients with that in mind. To understand your challenges and what the outcomes you want to achieve and then, provide you with the tools to be successful.  Every company has unique challenges, and my job is to understand those challenges and then develop solutions that help your team overcome the challenges they are facing. I work best with sales, marketing, and leadership teams to develop personal and corporate brand stories that produce the right results. How can I help you achieve your goals and get the best return on your investment?

We utilize a method that we have developed UP + LP = IF

Simply put, Understanding YOUR Past + Learning from YOUR Present enables YOU to Influence YOUR Future!

Online Workshops

Sometimes your teams are remote and getting them together is not cost effective or convenient when you need to provide training. I understand that. With that in mind, I have developed an online, Zoom Technologies, based alternative to live learning that is still interactive, still engaging, but it lets people learn where they are.  Usually, training is done in smaller groups to allow for more individual engagement. However, larger online training courses are available as well. How can I help you train your teams in ways that work with their geographic and time challenges?

Personal Brand Consulting!

Jun 5 2018-Dec 31 2020
Richmond, BC, Canada




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