People Don't Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It! 

October 25, 2013

I was recently reading Paul Kiewiet's blog post "Two Ways to Find your 'Why'" and was inspired to write this blog.

Clients of mine always start our marketing conversations with WHAT they want to achieve.     They are so focussed on the ROI and how to attain it, that they forget to step back and realize what the value of their company is and how they can communicate that value passionately.   In other words. . . they need to understand and be able to communicate WHY should people buy from them.

I tell my clients that it is all about being able to communicate their story, their passion and their uniqueness to their world.   Each of my clients have hundreds, if not thousands, of like minded competitors that sell similar products or services to theirs.   Differentiation in marketing is about finding out why people should care about them and telling that story in a compelling way.

This TED Talk by Simon Sinek sums up the case and point perfectly.      Please take the time to watch the entire piece, you will be glad you did.


In the end, developing your WHY statement is probably the most critical thing you can do as a company.    By understanding your WHY and being able to communicate it effectively, you can quickly separate yourself from your competition and put yourself in the position of being a value leader instead of just another commodity.

Let us help you find your WHY and develop Tangible Evidence from your brand that will Get YOU Noticed!

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