I love to speak in public and share information

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Whether it is in a classroom of a local college, part of a webinar, or in front of a corporate audience, the ability to engage and tell a story is something magical.

I would love to work with you, and your organization, to create a customized keynote on aspects of brand, message, market, vision and value which is relevant to your organization and allows you to provide content that is valuable to your audience.


  1. Powerful Personal Brands and why you need one?
  2. Once Upon a Time – telling a compelling story that engages!
  3. Telling the story of Change!
  4. The Invisible Audience!
  5. Communicate the Way People Want to Consume It!
  6. Being Unique in a Cookie Cutter World!
  7. The Power of Words!

We speak on Brand, Message, Market, Vision and Value. I help people understand the WHY behind marketing & HOW to communicate their value.  My goal is to leave each audience with implementable takeaways and make organizers be seen as valuable by their clients.

Thank you so much for being part of our public procurement panel at the Vancouver Small Business Information Expo on February 1, 2016. Your perspective as a supplier who has worked with all levels of government helped provide an essential point of view.  Your comments were honest and fair, neither too critical nor too positive. There can be no better voice than the voice ofexperience, and I know participants appreciated hearing from you.

Tara Hartley

Regional Director, Pacific Region, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises
Public Works and Government Services Canada / Government of Canada


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