Paul Kirch 

June 28, 2019

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Paul Kirch and I spent this week's show talking about content marketing and how to do it right.  Paul calls himself a digital sales engineer and looks and how to communicate your brand in ways that speak not only to the right audience and add value, but also help you be seen by the right people through search engine optimization and other techniques.

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Audience Questions:

Audience members asked several questions when it came to scaling a business. 

My thought process is that scaling a businesses do not necessarily have to scale to be profitable or for companies to feel like they are a success.  Businesses should look at their goals, wants, desires, custom base, resources and competition and decide what the best outcome is for them accordingly.

Can you explain to people the fact that just because you can put things on a site, it does not make a person a web developer?

Web design and web development are two completely different skill sets.  Just because you can make something look pretty, does not make it functional or provide a wonderful customer experience and vice versa.

The objective of any website is to enable those who want to find out information about you to do so quickly and efficiently and enable them to either contact you or purchase on site, depending on what your goals are.

In talking with people, have you ever changed the goals of people or helped get a company to see things differently so they would have better content?

As Paul said, and I concur, if you are not providing alternate solutions, delving deeper into why they want what they want or providing strategy, all you are is an order taker.  An order taker is chosen because they have the lowest price and when you are no longer the lowest price, you no longer have value.

Be consultative!

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