We all want to know what has worked in the past so we can learn from it. Evaluating past experience enables us to grow and get better.

Here are some recent case studies that we have published that the customers have deemed to have achieved the results they desired. In the end… isn’t that what it is all about?

Make Safety a Habit.com


The Challenge:  

The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering adopted the motto “Make Safety a Habit.”

This motto allows for a brand vision that says, “Wherever you are and whatever you do, as a safety professional, your first mission is to make sure that everyone and everything you encounter is safe for the people engaged.”

What they needed was a mobile app that to run during NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety and Health) Week, held every May. They needed something with national impact for the event that also demonstrated where different events happened and how to get involved.


First, we realized was that the NAOSH committee did not have an understanding of what platform their members used (Apple or Android), nor did they have a clear understanding of how this would be used and by whom.

Creating the Living Brand:      

A “needs analysis” became the first priority.

Who would use the app, how would they use it, what would they want from the app, why would they consider it valuable and what key features would make it user friendly?

Rolling up the sleeves:  

We developed a poll for the field and gathered data. We realized that with their budget, it was impossible or advisable (in an Alpha mode)l to write code for both Apple and Android, and we may not have the time to have both tested and submitted to the two App Stores in time for launch.

With that in mind, we decided to make a Responsive Website for the Alpha, test it, understand the metrics and usability and then, in subsequent years, develop apps that would be able to run without internet connection if needed.

The Results:  

The “MakeSafetyaHabit.com” mobile friendly website launched on time and on budget.  More than 30% of available users within the NAOSH week enjoyed the app and had extremely positive response. The site provided the test data necessary to create viable apps at a later date and time as the budget allowed.

Passport to Clean Air Campaign

The Challenge:

Legislation passed to enact a smoke free mandate in all bars in the Edmonton, Alberta region. This was to be a test market for the Province of Alberta and it needed complete accuracy and compliance.

The concern of our government contacts was that bars would lose the majority of their revenue based upon their smoking patrons not frequenting the Edmonton bars.


We realized was that, probably, a large number of people did not go to bars because people smoked. This was a hypothesis at the time, but needed a test.   The challenge was how to bring these people into the bars and replace the revenue of the lost smoking patrons quickly.

Creating the Living Brand:   

Everyone agreed that we needed an incentive program, coupled with an advertising campaign to draw patrons into the bars. The challenge was to make sure that all bars received the same opportunity, and that whatever campaign we developed did not create a short-term spike but that, when the campaign was over, the patronage by non-smoking guests dropped.

Rolling up the sleeves:  

We devised a knowledge-based campaign coupled with an incentive for a vacation to the San Francisco. Since this was the middle of winter, this incentive brought people out to the bars. Over a two-month period, people received ballots for entry for the trip based upon answering a series of questions online. The questions were on one side of beer coasters and the answers were on the backside of another coaster. We sent out the coasters strategically so that responders needed to attend different bars to get all the questions and answers and needed to answer all 36 questions to have a chance to win.

The Results: 

We distributed 200,000 coasters over a period of 8-weeks throughout the city of Edmonton. In the middle of winter, bars remained full at normal peak hours and customers remained engaged in the process (as we offered smaller prizes given away weekly.)

At the end of two months, we announced the winner in a large media splash and interviewed the winners live from the vacation area by some of the local Edmonton radio stations.

The long lasting result was that, because patrons created new habits, a new, non-smoking clientele claimed the bars and bar owners did not see any significant drop in patronage either short or long-term.

Nooksack River Casino Direct Mail Birthday Campaign

The Challenge: 

Nooksack River Casino faced a significant challenge: how to attract and retain high-value clients.

Their geographic location and the construction of other casinos with easier access to main highways sapped away loyal clientele. They realized that due to geography, attracting Canadian clients were their best option. However, with a weak Canadian dollar, getting those clients to cross the border and spend money at Nooksack was harder and harder.


Nooksack River Casino’s biggest advantage was an active player’s card. They had data on everyone who came to the casino, but they were not utilizing this data to their advantage.

Creating the Living Brand:  

First, we mined the database to understand better the players’ profiles. We realized quickly that the Casino not only had names and addresses of players, but data on family relationships – spouses or other people who frequented the casino with them – what games they played, how much they won or lost, how long they played and how often they came to the Casino. We also determined that we had data on the birthdays for almost every player.

Rolling up the sleeves:  

We created a “birthday mailer” that, for two years, delivered very positive results.    This mailer featured variable text so that players received offers based upon how much they spent on average visits. (Low-value players received $25 US play for $25 Canadian; mid-level $50 US for $50 Canadian, and high-value players received $100 for $100.)

3% of the total database – ultra-high-value clientele – received additional special offers. The Casino invited each player to visit during the month of their birthday, redeem their offer, enjoy a free piece of cake, and save 50% off lunch or dinner for themselves and everyone they brought with them. At the time, the Canadian dollar was hovering in the $0.60 US range.

The Results:    

Our average results over a two+ year period were 45% response month over month. Return on Investment was at least 10X with a drop of 50,000 pieces of direct mail every month.

Dynamic Attractions and 30 Metre Telescope


The Challenge:  

Dynamic Attractions was part of the Research and Development team to develop a new 30-Metre Telescope constructed and installed in Hawaii.

The telescope construction plan involved an international consortium. However, the Canadian government was not willing at the time to be an investable partner.    If Canada did not invest, then Dynamic Attractions would not have the ability to be part of the build team, and millions of dollars of potential revenue would be lost.


Demonstrating the value of Canada being part of the project was imperative to securing the build work for Dynamic Attractions.

Therefore, they enlisted a public relations team to spearhead on-going talks with Federal politicians and senior bureaucrats to lobby for funding for this project.

Creating the Living Brand:     

The PR firm hired us to help secure relationships because Dynamic Attractions was opening up a new office and they invited key government members to attend the grand opening.

They needed a unique and valued gift that would speak to the value of the project, the creativity of Dynamic Attractions, but also would fall within two specific requirements.  It needed to be easy for people to take back with them to Ottawa and it needed to fall within the gifting laws to politicians and bureaucrats.

Rolling up the sleeves:     

We developed a crystal cube with the image of the telescope 3D laser-printed on the inside of the cube and presented in a satin lined gift box.

We developed this in two sizes so that senior politicians received the larger version and bureaucrats who could receive a lesser value gift received the smaller one.

This gift showed the uniqueness of the project, the precision capabilities of Dynamic Attractions, and a unique way to tell the value of the project, even when we were not there to tell it to them directly.

The Results:    

The Canadian government funded the project and Dynamic Attractions received contracts to participate in the global consortium to build the 30-Metre Telescope.

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CMYK Solutions Rebrand


The Challenge:  

For more than ten years, CMYK Solutions Inc. enjoyed a thriving reputation as the go-to source of promotional products, and marketing and brand-building concepts and implementation.

But the initial meaning of their name (which stood for “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black” – the four basic colours in printing) evolved over time to indicate the company as simply a printer. The name did not reflect the transition to marketing and branding in the digital age.


CMYK knew it needed more than a tweak: it needed a complete re-brand to reflect relevance in the digital and online paradigm.

Creating the Living Brand:  

We asked CMYK clients and customers what they expected from their relationship with CMYK. They stated they found the true value in the company’s ability to understand strategically who the client was, their value in the marketplace, the real identity of their customers and prospects and why these people engage with them in the first place. We realized the brand must be about the customer and their journey.

Rolling up the sleeves:  

We determined that a simple name change made no sense. Technical realities – such as existing lines of credit, ongoing supplier contracts, banking and investments – made that move a non-starter.

We created a “DBA” (Doing Business As.) The new identity needed to reflect the consultative nature of the business, and the idea that “customers are first and foremost.” The brand, and the language it used, needed to demonstrate clearly that when the customer succeeds, everyone succeeds; without the customer, there is no company.

The Results:  

In January 2015, CMYK Solutions Inc. became “Your Brand Marketing, a division of CMYK Solutions Inc.

Through a series of blog posts during the rebrand process, we told the story of how a company enacts a rebrand, with the last post focused on the story of Your Brand Marketing.

Along the way, we previewed snippets of the new brand, the logo, the message and the voice to key clients. This started the buy-in from these important clients.

The success of the brand is in the formation of new clients and new relationships that were far more profitable and deeper in nature.

The work at Your Brand Marketing is now strategic, not tactical, and the level of trust between Your Brand Marketing and its clients increases as clients now readily associate with the brand and its vision.



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