Your Brand Marketing is a culmination of nearly 25 years’ experience of Ben Baker. Starting in sales and moving to marketing nearly 20 years ago, Ben understands what it takes not only to develop a brand, but to communicate it to the right audience, so that they will positively identify and engage with it.


The philosophy is simple.   We believe that today’s marketers make too much noise and do not pay enough attention to the right audience.  We want to tell your story so that those who listen, truly understand your value and want to engage with you.

What is our process? We ask lots of questions before developing solutions! We talk to everyone and get people engaged in the process.  We want to learn about what makes companies like yours unique and where your value truly is so that we can effectively tell your story.

We want to be your active partner in developing solutions that are specific to your requirements and communicate your value in ways that will be listened to and acted upon. We want to help you develop strategies that will help you communicate across mediums in a single voice, in order that the value of your brand is recognized wherever it is viewed.

With that, we rely on our partners. With relationships that go back well over a decade, we bring the right people to the table to lend their expertise as and when needed. Through the entire process we guide and manage it to make sure your brand, message, market and value are being focussed on and that budget and timeline are being adhered to.

When you bring us to the table your success is our success. We work with you to Create Your LIVING brand. One that truly represents who you are and who you want to become going forward.

Guiding Principles

  • Cut through the clutter and help you communicate effectively, to the right audience in the right way, so they want to engage
  • Treat every client’s work as if it was our own
  • Understand our client’s wants, needs and desires, and work with them to achieve their goals
  • Listen and understand before creating solutions
  • Build long-term relationships to achieve long term objectives
  • Create meaningful campaigns that achieve brand objectives and goals
  • Be a partner with our clients, not a vendor to our clients
  • Develop campaigns for your benefit, not our portfolio
  • Create solutions that will make our client’s competition wild with jealousy

The only award we want to win is your trust” – Ben Baker

This is a great video by Trevor Jansen of Staggering Media

Our Role in the Community

Your Brand Marketing feels that being part of the community is critical. Being part of a community allows you the opportunity to give back to those who support you.

We Volunteer

The best way we know how to volunteer is to mentor others. Teaching the next generation of marketers keeps the art alive as well as the science. We currently provide mentoring to:

Over 18 years of developing campaigns for clients built the belief that Promotional Marketing, when done correctly so that it reflects brand, message, market and value, can be a great tool to be part of the overall marketing mix. Mentoring the next generation of promotional marketers, helps them stop thinking of the medium as a give away and start thinking of it as a tool that is part of an overall marketing mix to drive brand recognition and engage audiences by demonstrating value.  Here is an amazing article written by my Mentee Russell Bird in Feb 2016.

BCIT Mentorship Program
The British Columbia Institute of Technology is training the next generation of business leaders… People learning how to think critically and solve problems. It is exciting to be part of their mentorship program so that we can learn new techniques that are cutting-edge while offering advice based upon years of experience. This is a win/win scenario.

McHappy Day
We love being part of McHappy Day. It allows us to go into a McDonalds, roll up our sleeves, spend time with people we love and support a great cause. Every year we look forward to blowing up balloons, sticking donation feet on the windows and interacting with the public. Money goes to Ronald McDonald House so that families can be with their sick kids. Why would we not come back year after year?

Charities that Count

Like the organizations we volunteer with, the charities that we support and local and close to our hearts. They include:

Professional Organization Membership

PPAI – The Promotional Products Association International; for more than 100 years, we have offered credibility, viability, visibility, community and opportunity to individuals and companies in the promotional products industry.

With unwavering dedication to the growth and integrity of this business sector, we provide our members with the tools necessary to cultivate a community of forward-thinking, proactive professionals. In addition, we bring the power of promotional products to buyers by reaching out with information, research and product consultants.

BCFPA – The BC Food Processors Association

The BCFPA is dedicated to, and to help our industry achieve economic prosperity and sustainable safe production. The BCFPA represents micro, small, medium, and large processing companies, and since 2004 has grown to more than 425 members.  The core focus of the BCFPA is to;

  • Connect the industry to one another to share ideas, problem solve, identify potential synergies, fellowship, and explore mutually beneficial business;
  • Educate – Providing tools, resources and training required to make our members – and our industry – prosper;
  • Advocate – representing a voice for opportunities and issues that impact on our members and our industry;
  • Inform – Sharing relevant industry, economic and consumer information that affects our members and industry.

We participate in three of the Peer Groups throughout the year:

  • Sales and Marketing Peer Group
  • Human Resources Peer Group
  • Finance and Business Development Peer Group

What our clients say about us

Our Partners

Trevor Jansen – Director & Producer

Trevor Jansen is a story-teller and problem solver at heart, working to authentically and properly position his clients. His thinking and understanding bring projects together quickly and effectively with a vision that brings stories to life.

His clients have included MRM//McCann, Jaguar, FilmGroup, Ariad Communications, Flight Centre, Smart Canada, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and UBC to name a few.

Check out more about Trevor by visiting his website.

Peter T. Britton – Copywriter

For more than 25 years, companies large and small in every corner of the globe turn to Peter for copy that delivers results. From generating hot leads, to closing sales, from boosting ROI to increasing the Life Time Value if customers, copy is still King in marketing. Expert in both B2B and B2C arenas, Peter’s ideas, concepts and copy generate millions of dollars in sales. Whether it’s a six-word headline, an email or sales letter, or a complete Web site, Peter is your Resultant! Visit him at and discover the power of words crafted by a real marketing authority.

Check out more about Peter by visiting his Linkedin profile.

Tracey Carlson – Braun Consulting

Braun Consulting Inc. provides business operations consulting services. We help businesses improve customer care and increase their margins through efficiency and lean implementation as well as the provisioning of call center campaigns.  We have an experienced team with over 40+ years of customer service and business efficiency experience. We provide two distinct areas of service – Call Center Services and Business Consulting.

Call Center Services

  • We focus primarily on Business to Business calling and have experience with Lead Generation, Data Scrubbing, Surveys, Webinar Invites, Networking Follow Up, and New Customer Acquisition  to name a few.

Business Consulting Services

  • Our area of consulting expertise is focused on operational standardization, LEAN implementation and customer centric business operations. We assist our clients in increasing margins through improving operational efficiency allowing them to “Work Smarter Not Harder” increasing the number of customers they can service without increasing their overhead. We also assist our clients in identifying and procuring technologies to assist them in their business processes.

Check out more about Tracey by visiting her Linkedin profile.

Rachel Moffat- Beyond Expectations

Beyond Expectations is a boutique design firm. We may not be big, but we’ve got big ideas, and even bigger talent available through our carefully cultivated network of professionals. No matter your needs, from print to web and everything in between, we’ve go the people with the skills to provide a solution for you.

Check out more about Rachel by visiting her LinkedIn Profile

Media Kit

We wanted to make things easy for anyone who needed access to our logos, images and media release so we decided to put them all in one spot.


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