Johnny-Lee Reinoso 

April 19, 2019

I want to start off and wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover!


Johnny-Lee Reinoso unpacked some incredible information today on sales and sales process.

We talked about the challenge of organizations and how well-trained, well-organized sales professionals can help act as a multiplier for your business.

Marketing and sales must work towards a common goal. . . client engagement and activation.

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How do you know you are selling the right things to the right people?

Questions, questions and more questions.  It is about understanding first and foremost what their issues are, what their budget is, who makes the decision, what other options they are looking at, what happens if they do not make a decision. . . and a thousand more things.

It is also being confident enough in what you do to realize that the solution you have may not be right for them and letting them know this.

The more you can qualify your buyer, gain their trust and understand their true needs, the better chance you have of providing the right product or service to people who can actually use it.

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