'L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) Up': The Power Of Connections With Jeanette Martin 

May 31, 2019

LBL Jeanette Martin | Power Of Connections


No sign could better tell us the importance of effective communication than this ever-connected world. In this episode, Jeanette Martin of MYBC Consulting talks about the power of connection both in the real world and on social media. LIFT(ing) people up, Jeannette lets us on her L.I.F.T. (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) System and how we can build influence and connect with people online. She then shares how just as important real-life interaction is and shows how she marries the offline and online world for that deeper connection. Learn more from Jeannette some of the tips and tricks to connect not with the screens but the people behind them.


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'L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) Up': The Power Of Connections With Jeanette Martin

We will be welcoming Jeanette Martin. Jeanette has a company called MYBC Consulting. She and I are going to talk about doing social media the right way. It’s all about understanding who your audience is and how to communicate with them in an effective manner. I’ve had some great conversations and I want to talk to you about them. They all have to do with joint ventures. I’m a big believer that we are all stronger together. No person knows everything. Nobody has all the right answers. Nobody can do this on their own.

I don’t care who you are. Everybody needs strong people around them to be able to do the things that you don’t know how to do, things that you don’t understand, the things that you don’t have the capacity for. Bring people on board either as your partnerships or employees, to be able to have people that can have your back, to be able to give the strength where you have weaknesses. If you sit there and focus on your weaknesses and forget about your strengths, your business is never going to survive. Instead, you take the time to sit there and say, “I’m great at this. I’m good at this, but I’m bad at this.”

Let’s find people out there that have those skills that I don’t. Love the things to do that I don’t like to do and have them as partners. This has all been about conversations about partnerships. There are some amazing businesses out there where I can add value to their clients and they can add value to my clients, and we can share. There is enough business out there for everybody. If you go in with that mentality of, “Who can I help?” Whose business out there is there that are doing some amazing things, they have clients that are similar to mine, that is doing something similar to mine. Not the same thing and be able to have those conversations and say, “Let’s go for lunch. Let’s go for coffee. Let’s have a conversation,” and say “How can we help each other? How can we make people that we both support better? How can we help make our businesses better and stronger?”

What we do is we take your services, we take my services, and we amalgamate them. Either on a one-off basis or informal partnership or even a formal partnership and be able to put those services together where clients sit and there and say, “This is beneficial to me. This is valuable to me. This solves problems that I haven’t even been thinking about.” We all need to be looking at, how can I take my brand and somebody else’s brand and be able to put them both together to make things better? We live in a world where you can’t be an expert and everything. It’s impossible.

Look at social media, there are people that focus only on Facebook. There are people that focus only on LinkedIn. There are people that are focused only on doctors on LinkedIn. There are people that focus only on neurosurgeons on LinkedIn. The more specific you can be in your focus and understand who the exact people you can help better, sit there and say, “These people rely on me. These people see value on what I do. These people have other problems that I can’t solve.” Instead of sending them somewhere else, why don’t you make friends?

Make partnerships and sit there and say, “This person out here does something completely different than I do, but for the same people and they’re going to add value to my clients. They’re going to elevate me and I’m going to be able to elevate them and together we’re going to elevate our customers.” If we think that way instead of sitting there going, “I can’t give my customers name to somebody. They are going to steal about.” or “I can’t do that because that makes me look like I’m not valuable or I don’t know everything.” Nobody expects you to know everything. Nobody expects you to be able to answer every single question they have about every problem that they have. It is impossible.

That’s the thought that is going to your head when you own your business, “I have to be the sole source partner for my clients and I need to be able to give them everything. Whether I know how to solve that problem or not.” Get out of that mentality and start sitting there and saying, “How can I help my clients be better?” How can I figure out what problems that they’re having and have your conversation with your clients and sit there saying, “We can do this for you, what other problems are you having? I don’t do that, but if I could find somebody that could do that thing for you and I could partner with them, would that be valuable to you?” Nine times out of ten, the answer would be, yes.

It’s a matter of going out there and networking and finding people on LinkedIn. Going to conferences and meeting other people and talking to your network and saying, “Who do you know that does this thing?” Having those real conversations and say, “These were the type of things and these were the type of challenges my clients are having. Can you fix this problem?” “Yes.” “Let’s try one client. Let’s test it out. What we’re going to do is we are going to bring you in and we are going to work one client together and see how it works.” Make sure that there is a clear objective in mind to sit there and say, “This is what we’re trying to achieve. This is what our goals are. This is how we’re going to help the client,”

This is what I expect when you’re dealing with my client. I expect you to communicate professionally, I expect you to answer questions. When they have a need I expect you to be able to respond and be able to have the pricing conversation upfront. Sit there and say, “This is what it cost.” You’re not putting your customers in an uncomfortable position. You want to be able to guide that conversation and bring this person in, in a professional and meaningful way. When you do introduce them to their client, you feel comfortable and you know you can trust this person. You know that they are going to take care of your client the way that you want them taken care of.

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When you are dealing with their clients, you want to ask them, “How do you want me to handle your clients? How do you want me to deal with them? Do you want me to be just part of your organization? Do you want them to know my email address? Do you want them to be able to phone me? How do you want me to respond to them? How do you want to handle the money question?” These are all things that are important to handle before you start getting the client involved. If you can do that, have those conversations upfront, and build those levels of trust and have a tentacle of different partners out there that you can bring in to solve specific problems, you become a valuable source for your clients.

They know that even if you don’t have somebody, you’ll go out and find somebody that can help them solve a problem, and all of a sudden that makes you way more valuable. You become that trusted partner. You become somebody that they are going, “I know that I can trust them to be able to handle it. If they don’t know the answer, they are going to tell me they don’t know the answer. They are going to go find somebody that is going to be able to help me.” That’s valuable and you can charge for that and you could upsell. You can give your clients the ability to understand that you are more than just a price, you’re a consultant partner. You’re somebody that offers valuable information and valuable resources.

If you can do that, your competition fades away. You become that person of trust. You become the person that they want to deal with. You’re the one that they’re always going to call because they’re sitting there going, “They always take care of me. They always know how to be able to solve my problems, and if they don’t know the answer, they are going to go find somebody who can.” People want that. They want to have one person at the other end of the phone that understands their business, understands who they are. Understands the problems that they have, and if they can’t fix the problem they are going out there and help them solve the problem with them. That is a partnership and being able to have people you can rely on. Over the years that you build relationships on that you can bring in as needed that have the expertise that you don’t, makes you far more valuable. Think about that.

Who are the people that have a like-minded business that you do that deals with the similar type of clients that you do but in a different way? Who are the people that you can bring onboard and at least start the conversations with them and say, “Would you be interested in this? How would this work together? How would we work together? How would we have these conversations with our clients? How can we add value? How can we be more, where one and one equals three, where we add more value than the sum of our hearts?” That’s the type of thing you want to be working on. Those conversations take time and effort. You need to be able to dedicate yourself to those types of relationships.

You want to make sure that those people that you bring on board are the people who can truly and take care of your clients. If they can, it’s absolute gold. If they can’t, you need to have a way to be able to say, “That didn’t work out. Thank you for the thing. I appreciate everything you did. Here is the money that we owe you.” Shake hands and be able to walk away. You need to have that mentality both ways that there is a risk involved. You need to be able to mitigate that risk and make sure that it is going to impact your clients as little as humanly possible. That’s what to think about. I want you guys to think about who are the people that I can partner with to be able to make my clients much better.


Jeanette has been a great friend. She is becoming a great partner. I love her energy and I love the things that she is doing because she helps lift people up. Welcome to the show, Jeanette. How are you?

I’m well. Ben, how are you?

I’m good. Jeanette and I met through Charmaine Hammond who was on this show. We’re both sitting down in a conference where Charmaine was getting us to do some consulting for on a movie that she is producing. Looking at the idea and how could we promote it and what are the different ways we could work together as a large group. There were about fifteen or twenty of us in the room, and how we could take this project, and this is an amazing project. How can we communicate it more effectively? How can we build the excitement about it? How can we get the passion behind it? How can we get the story out there? You and I first met and both of our eyes were dancing and saying, “We could do this.” This is a kindred spirit of mine and I have to have Jeanette on the show. Let’s start by talking about the L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) System.

LBL Jeanette Martin | Power Of Connections

Power Of Connections: We have this incredible ability in the golden age of communication to do our business to the four corners of this round world, and what an amazing opportunity that we can be lifting up each other utilizing the social media platforms.


I started my company about 2014 and I was a subcontractor to another business. In the world of director of sales and marketing, in that role, I had to figure out how I could utilize social media platforms. Understand the abundance that is there. I thank God every day that I did not have to create LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and started playing around with them and how I used them for communication. I realized, “That was an acronym, L.I.F.T.” I’m lifting what we were doing at that hardwood floor company up in the eyes to where I call my one-dimensional world. That was the start of it, and I have to backtrack that. Before L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) came into place, I have been in business for a long time working with some Fortune 500 companies and built a great reality of people in my life. Before any business gets on and plays on social media, you have to have your real-life people in your fear of influential people.

When you start playing and posting on social media lifting up your business, yourself, your brand on social media. If you make a mistake they are going to come to your descent and that’s credibility building because in reality if we make a boo-boo or our friend comes to us and says, “Jeanette, I like you did this morning about my website. There was a spelling mistake.” That’s the respect of relationships. I build that with you that I’m okay with you telling me that I have a spelling mistake. The evolution of L.I.F.T. turned in to be L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.). Because everything we do if you don’t have an intention, your intention, what audience do you want to meet? How do you want to promote your product?

Your intention blended with your networks you belong to. I belong to the Chamber of Commerce here in Langley British Columbia. Numerous different networking organization, how can my network lift me up and ultimately to get your goals in life and in business? It’s about how do we lift each other up, how we apply our lifting up to the world. My favorite saying that I have come up with was this program that I have taught probably 75 plus people, “We have this incredible ability in the golden age of communication to do our business to the four corners of this round world, and what an amazing opportunity that we can be lifting up each other utilizing the social media platforms.”

I need to unpack some things that you said because you said two or three things that made me go, “Yes, thank you very much.” The number one thing that you said was the online and offline community has to gel. You’ve got to get away from that one dimension as you said, and you’re right. There are many people out there that think, “If I’m contacting somebody through social media, that’s it, that’s all I have to do. That’s my marketing, that’s my communication, that’s my brand, that’s the story that I tell.” That’s a difficult place to be. Yes, you can get your message far and wide, but it’s wide and it’s not deep.

I find that it’s shallow. You’re like me we have several thousand connections on social media. How many of them do you truly and know? I can say I know a hundred people well on social media. I have thousands of people that are either following me or connected with me that I have a loose connection to, that may connect with me every once in a while. That’s about it. The real people that are my strong social media connections are people that I meet on the street, that I have coffee with, that I go to conferences. I want you to talk about that. I’m talking about the marrying of the online world and the offline world and how that makes for a deeper connection.

First of all, I love to start a petition calling it social connections instead of social media. The social media has such a bad connotation and its marketing connecting. Social connection is all about real life and there is a human being behind the glass of your phone, your laptop, or your tablet. Connecting in the real world and those real people that you’ve met for coffee, you have either done business with, referred business with. You’ve met them at conferences and you’ve connected yourself to them.

When you take that relationship online and you start following their social media, you build that conversation or engagement again how you would in reality. That’s the key piece. Ben, how many times that you have been looking on somebody’s either LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook page as a business and you go, “That’s a cool business.”? You’re following them, you comment and you go, “I’m going to take this to rally. I am kinetically spurred to go see what that person is about or what that business or that store or restaurant.” You get there and it’s nothing like what you see on social media.

That happens a lot.

Those people haven’t built up their reality, their people. I say that you want to have your super fans or your people that do come into your business and post on your behalf. I trust somebody else’s harder thumb up almost more than I trust the company because that’s the real-life customer or a person. There’s that whole credibility building. First of all, you’ve got to get visible. In reality, you show up your present. You start doing what you’re supposed to be doing in that relationship, that’s credibility building. They are all leading to that potential sale. The same thing has to translate on your social media platform, your social connection platform. If somebody gives you a heart or a thumbs up, comment, you want to make sure that you are caring on that same kind of connection. You’re speaking the same and you’re inviting them to come into your world and then take it offline. Make that appointment, see who they are and see how you can at the beginning of your segment, how you can lift other people when you collaborate.

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It’s amazing what you said about the fact that you have a conversation with somebody online. It doesn’t matter if it’s Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. It is even looking at them through a blog post. You go and give them a phone call, you visit their location or you try to have a Zoom chat with the owner of the company and it’s completely different. Your brand is your brand no matter where you are. If there is a disconnect between how you present yourself online and the customer experience that you create through your entire organization, the level of trust diminishes. It plummets. You need to be who you are no matter where you are, and whether that’s online, offline, conference, the website, wherever. Your language needs to be consistent. Your offering needs to be consistent. Your people need to understand how to treat your customers. When somebody phones in, they get the same experience they are expecting when they are looking at your social medial. That’s what is lacking in the world.

Ben, you know me in reality. You and I are connected to our social media platforms. Am I any different in my reality than I am in my one-dimensional world?

No, you are not. You are who you are no matter how you and I have engaged. I have the same personality, the same thought process. The same language is used consistently across how you and I know each other. That’s important to sit there and say, “You can’t put this wonderful face on with makeup and pretty hair in a nice dress when you’re online and then show up in jeans and a ripped t-shirt and baggy pants when somebody comes to see you at your office.” You have to be the same person. You have to present the same way and it’s not just physically showing up the same, it’s the ideas, it’s the conversation, and it’s the value proposition. The experience that people need to have needs to be consistent or other people sit there and go, “What? I don’t get it.”

If you are a grateful person in reality and you’re thanking and appreciating, you have to put that over you. You have to mirror that gratitude on your social media as well. When I start my L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) up system training whether it’s through Skype with my clients that are all over the world or when I have it in a classroom setting, I pick up my phone or tablet. I knock on the screen and I go, “People, this is the glass of your store. You may have brick and mortar. You may have a beautiful store or restaurant. To the world, this glass is your storefront.” How you behave behind the glass is how you behave in the glass of your reality. Many people are like, “That’s a different perspective.”

It’s like they are on the other side of your phone, pushing their nose to the window going, “What’s going on in there? I like what you got going on in there.” They give you a heart. You have to recognize that that was the kinetic response to give you a heart and can you imagine coming back and going, “Thank you @SarahSmith for giving me a heart on this post. What was about it that you like?” You would do that in reality if somebody came to your store window and you walk through the door and go, “I see you stopped for a while, why don’t you come on in?” This is the translation because Ben, are people beating down your door, in reality, to do business with you? No, we’re too busy. Time is too precious. Because we have this platform, this is how the world is coming to you.

You need to be able to not only send out your social media posts, but you need to engage with people at your social media. I got an interesting question that came in. There are different types of relationships that need different interactions. I love to know your thoughts on that.

I’m playing or using LinkedIn quite a bit. The audience on LinkedIn, there is great metrics that when you post you can take a look at the view. Say I had a post that had 6,000 views, I can see who my audience is, the company, the position, even the area. I will use my language in such. If I’m finding I’m getting a lot of people from the Vancouver area that’s loving what I posted, I will bring Vancouver in. If I am seeing that they are human resources people, I’ve been known to use professor Google and say, “How does a human resources person like to be spoken too and use their language?”

Instagram is visual. You want quick insightful little engagements. Facebook, when somebody engages that puts a comment, it’s much more friendly. I feel too technical on Facebook and you will lose some people. Twitter is the ultimate way because nobody gives their voice away. We all know who its real voice is. If you want to engage with the real voice and have an honest open conversation, Twitter is your platform. That is understanding the audience and I hope that answers the question because I’ve covered this on my training as well.

To your point, you may speak differently on different platforms with different audiences. However, your brand remains consistent.

LBL Jeanette Martin | Power Of Connections

Power Of Connections: The customer comes to you or through to you on the various social media platform. Do not ask them to start communicating with you through your email system.


Absolutely, 100%.

You are who you are or you say what you say, you value what you value, you believe what you believe, and that’s all who you are, that’s your brand. However, how you communicate that brand and who you communicate it to and how you communicated it is based on the platform that you’re on. Those are great examples because you’re right, you’re not going to speak to somebody the same way on Instagram that you are on LinkedIn.

The customer comes to you or through to you on the various social media platform. Do not ask them to start communicating with you through your email system. Remember they met you where you are and you need to meet them where they are. If they like to use LinkedIn and the messaging system on LinkedIn, keep the conversation going because that’s their comfort zone. I call them messaging system on all the different platforms, the new private office. If you got something that you want to talk about, that’s like, “Let’s scooch over to the new office and let’s message each other over there.” You leave it up to your client, “Is it possible that I email you this document because it’s too big to send on here.” Never direct how your customer wants to communicate with you. If they love chatting with you on a direct message on Instagram, stay there. Meet your customers where they are.

Here is the perfect example. I have been asked to join an online discussion group, which is an alumnus of different courses that this certain person has done. What he has done is he has created his own social media platform to be able to use this. Quite honestly, there are lots of people there I could probably connect with. There are lots of interesting conversations going on in there, but it’s one more social media platform. I’m sitting there going, “I’m not using this every day. It’s embarrassing I have to log in to it. It’s another password I have to remember. It’s another set of discussions and other protocols I’ve got to remember.” It’s too much work. I’m already on four different social networks having discussions with different people on these platforms.

Unless I saw a real value for me to be on that platform, I’m not going to be there. I spend little time at any on these platforms, though it probably could benefit me if I spend the time. There is only so much time in a day, to login to another platform and doing that. You need to think of your customers the same way. They like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, that’s where they spend their time. That’s the icon that they have opened other things and if they want to contact you that way, if you are already there, continue that conversation there because that’s what they are comfortable with. I have clients that like to phone me, I have clients that like to text me, and you have to remember to use the medium that’s best for them.

I had an interesting conversation. I was training somebody on my L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) up system and she said to me, “I often say when I get a new client, what is your methodology of communication?” What a fantastic question. I’m like, “Do you like a text message? Do you like me to phone you? Do you like emails?” We do this in reality. This is how we can do with the client. You make that first connection on LinkedIn, you send that, “Thank you for connecting. Tell me some things about you. I love to know more about your company.” Within that conversation, you say, “Is this how you like to communicate? What methodology do you like to communicate? What other social media that you wanted to communicate?”

My first thought, what I would tend to use that for is that particular group has got people in it that you’ve already say gone to school with or masterminded with. That’s your opportunity to build depths versus width on your brand. It’s putting one day a week or scheduling it going, “This is my depth day and I’m going to dial in and see what’s going on.” Do your brand in the four corners of this lovely round world. To me, the top players still continued to be LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They are the most supported, the most innovative. They upload different ideas. I am jazzed that they beta testing live LinkedIn in the US. Can you imagine sharing your story with the movers, the shakers and the decision-makers on your LinkedIn live? I’m excited.

That’s another medium that’s going to have a lot of updates ones they get that up and running and rolled that out to a large number of people. Let’s face it, people love short videos because you can listen to it, you don’t have to read it. You can get the nuance and you can get the understanding behind something without having to interpret what the person is trying to say when they are writing something. Sometimes things get lost in interpretation when the only context you have is that one-dimensional context, through text. Whether that’s LinkedIn or Twitter or even a text message, things get lost in translation. When you can add a video to that, all of sudden becomes two or three dimensional. You have that ability. When you can respond to people because they listen to what you have to say and they say, “What about this?” You could respond to those people. That takes the relationship to a brand new level.

It even goes a little deeper than that as well. Remember, the reality is part of how we key in and build trust in somebody is being able to see their faces while they were delivering their story. It’s the little wrinkles when they are smiling because they are excited. You can see the little orange wrinkle around the corners of their eyes or their smile is genuine. They get excited and their eyebrows go up. When you see that in a person and you can see that energy shifts between the two of you. When I’ve gone on Facebook Live numerous times and my friends go, “Jeanette, I’m excited all the time when you go Facebook Live on your page and where in the world is Jeanette Martin for one of my clients.” I’m excited. They can see that I’m genuinely present in the moment delivering what I’m doing and I am representing my brand. That is powerful to be able to see somebody live doing what they love and doing their passion. I buy into that any day.

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You got something on your website that I love. I wanted to share it with the world. You have a quote in there that says, “If you want different results, be different.” I want you to explain what that means to you.

I have been given the curiosity gene if it’s in our DNA. To be different is to recognize the gifts that you have. To recognize at the beginning segment, you were saying about give away the stuff that you don’t do. I hired a bookkeeper and all of a sudden my creativity bubble is gone through the roof because I don’t have to worry about my bookkeeping anymore. Being different is looking at the world or situations and thinking, “How can I present that to a customer differently?” I will give you a case and point. I was looking at a wine poster. One of those, “Drink Responsibly.” posters and thinking, “How could I use my launch and learns on the road in a little bit different way? How could I build a community differently and getting people on board?” Looking at the world differently.

What makes me different is, I post and talk and believe in my brand as I am a customer first before I am a salesperson. That is different. Don’t market to me. Post and share your stories versus we’ve all gone through different social media post and it’s like, “Here’s something on the shelf, here you go.” You want to post as a customer and that’s how I think differently. It’s because a long time ago, I chose customer service as a profession. I want to get an honorary doctorate somewhere if that is possible. I didn’t go to University, but I went to the university of the school of hard knocks and good knocks. That’s how I think differently. I look at the world of connection. If I know something that could help that person, if I don’t share it, that’s not being a good person here on the planet. Think differently about different situations.

That’s important. For me, what I love about that is thinking from the customer’s point of view first. There are not enough people that do that on social media, face to face, or tradeshows. Everybody is trying to get their viewpoint across this. Everybody is trying to sell something. Everybody is trying to get, “Look at me, look how wonderful I am. You pay attention to me, why aren’t you paying attention to me?” Instead of taking the time to sit there and say, “How can I make this better for my audience? How can I add value to my audience?”

The number one thing I try to do on this show is how I can bring a guest on board who are good and add value to my audience? How can I lift them up? How can I make things better for my customers? How can I give them little tidbits that are going to make their lives better and help elevate their businesses? That’s what I try to do. The more people that can do that and I love the fact that you do that and I try to surround myself with people to do that, the better off we are. If we look at our businesses in our lives is how can we give first, we’re going to be better off.

Think about when we give what we have, we’re making space to receive. There is magic in reciprocity. The laws of attraction that get in reciprocity is when we give, there is like, “I’m opening up space for you to put something to give to me that would make the world better.” My tagline is “Changing the industry one family at a time.” The more we recognize that there is abundance and that we are all family here and changing each other’s little perspective about we are family first, and there is no completion. We all have something to offer each other for us to do business better, to have a better life, and be a better person.

Tell me some things that are coming out in different places people can find you? How do people get in touch with you?

First of all, I have LinkedIn and it’s Jeanette Y. Martin, Y is my middle name and people go, “Why do you put your middle name up there?” I’m like, “Why not? It’s my middle name.” Please follow me on LinkedIn. I do have a company page MYBC Consulting, website MYBCConsulting.com and here is a little thing, have I ever shared with you what MYBC stand for?

Go for it.

LBL Jeanette Martin | Power Of Connections

Power Of Connections: We all have something to offer each other for us to do business better, to have a better life, and be a better person.


Move Your Bum Chum. If you go to MoveYourBumChum.com, it goes to my website because people often ask me, “Jeanette, how do you get to do the things you do?” I get off my butt. It’s much more pleasant. Move your bum chum towards your goals. Move your bum chum towards the social media platforms. Move towards what you want in life. Facebook as well, I have a page MYBC Consulting. Follow me on Instagram, follow me on Twitter. I love for you to lift me up by following me and I will do the same. Exciting things coming up, I‘m excited.

On January 10, 2020, it is the first-ever gratitude and appreciation summit. That’s where we are going to have guest speakers from around that world. I have international speakers already signed up here in Langley at the Cascades Casino, where we are going to put a room together of businesses and like-minded people to share their stories on how they have gratitude for themselves, how to use a product or service to appreciate your customers. If you want to apply as a speaker, please reach out to me on any of my social media platforms and let’s chat.

When you walk out the door, when you get in your car and you drive away, what’s the one thing you want people to think about you when you are not in the room?

“I loved her smile and her energy.” I want to know that we had a great connection. That, “Jeanette is making an impact and is lifting up the world.”

Jeanette, thank you for being on the show.


Jeanette is such a powerhouse. I love having her on the show. I am in the process of writing my new book, it’s going to be called Retaining Rockstar Employees and it’s probably going to come out in 2020, I’m in the process of doing the research. If you go to the www.YourLivingBrand.live, there’s a two-question survey, I would love to know your answers. The first question is, “What are the things that make you stay to the company?” and the second question is, “What are the things that make you leave?” I’m amalgamating all that information and I’m turning this into my new book and that’s going to be interesting to have that. It goes with the research, the workshops and the consulting that I do.

If you are a company that is having engagement problems, trying to figure out why are my employees leaving? Why can I not keep the Millennials? Why are people rotating through our company every twelve to eighteen months and how can we stop that? I want to come and talk to you. That’s what we do. We work with companies to understand your internal communication, understand your culture, understand who you are, who your employees are, what motivates them, and help you work with them to be able to break people cycle and help you retain them and grow them and make them into your rockstar employees.

Get in touch with me at YourBrandMarketing.com. I love to talk to you. Love to find out more about your business, find out about the things you are trying to do. What are your goals, what are you trying to achieve, what is your growth expectations, and how do we help you get there? It’s all about understanding who you are, what you do, why you do it and why people should care both inside and outside your company. Let’s have a conversation and let’s find out how we could help you retain your rockstar Millennial employees. Thank you for being with me. Thank you to my wonderful guest, Jeanette.


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About Jeanette Y. Martin

LBL Jeanette Martin | Power Of ConnectionsJeanette Martin is energetic about helping others share their true authentic story with the world and in helping them make true, authentic connections on social media and in their communities. She values creating connections between people and businesses (or people and people), in collaboration with colleagues and businesses for mutual success, and in supporting her local and global community wherever she can.

She developed the ‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) UP’ system to help business owners overcome their fear of social media, by showing them how to make true and genuine connections that really matter. Through her program she lifts you up, so you can learn to lift yourself up, so we can ultimately lift each other up.

She is also a proud brand ambassador for several local and global brands and uses her authentic social and relationship building experience to help showcase the brands’ values to the world.

Join her as Jeanette Y. Martin is... 'Changing the Industry...One Family at a Time!'

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