James Komenda 

February 1, 2019

James Komenda joins me on the mic on January 30th, 2019.  James is the owner of This Free Space. A co-working space designed for the solopreneur and startup community that wants to get away from their kitchen table, can't sit in a coffee shop all day long and not ready for the WeWork's of the world.  He combines community, engagement and lower cost working space utilizing space that is not used normally during office hours.



How can people give both good customer service and customer experience?

You can give your customers both great service and experience by innovating from the customer backward.   By understanding what their needs, wants and desires are and what problems they are having, and then solving them.  Nothing beat asking a customer how you can help them and then drilling down to talk about specifics.

But Walmart is doing well in business. How do they keep going?

Walmart has changed their marketing and brand position over the years. They are now more focused on providing you a one-stop shopping experience at a reasonable price that always being the cheapest price in the market.  Yes, price is a differentiator for them, however, it is not their only differentiator.  They work hard to be able to provide an experience where people want to come shop with them both online and in person.  They want their customers to think of them for a wide variety of items, therefore making them a place to get all your shopping done in one place simply and easily.

What is the best way to face challenges?

Head on! By trying to avoid or ignore issues, they get larger, less manageable and small issues become large quite quickly. Own the issue, talk to the people involved and figure out quickly how you can make things right.  Saying sorry does not mean you are 100% at fault, it just means that you care and that you are willing to work to make things better.

What was that company?


Can you buy into the WeWork franchise?

Here is an answer from Quora. ..  the short answer is NO:-)

So you took the things they said and fixed it?

Yes, James looked at where the stress points were both for the customers he wished to served and the restauranteurs and devised a solution that helped them both be more efficient and productive.  A win-win, which is what everyone is aiming for in business.

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