We believe in creating Tangible Evidence for your brand to Get You Noticed! By Tangible Evidence we mean the creation of touch points that engage you with your audience and allow them to understand the value of your brand.

These different touch points, when used in concert tell your story and create opportunities to trigger reasons for people to contact you when they need your services.

Let us be your partner to develop a concert of touch points for your brand that speak directly to your market and tell the story of your value in the marketplace by:

  • Creating Tangible Evidence for your brand to “Get You Noticed!”
  • Creating touch points that engage your audience with you and help them understand the value of your brand.
  • Aligning touch points that tell your story and create opportunities for people to contact you when they need you.
  • Building brand messaging that is music to the ears of your audience, engaging, entertaining and educating them in perfect harmony.
  • Coordinating experts so that the campaign runs smoothly and that all pieces of Tangible Evidence work together smoothly.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can take on many forms. From traditional direct mail, to email marketing to social media marketing. The goal of each is to interact with the right audience, tell your story, have them understand your value and provide opportunity for them to engage with you.

The key factors with any form of direct marketing are: a clean list, a precise objective and well written copy with a strong call to action.

With nearly 20 years experience, let us work as your partner to develop Tangible Evidence to create your LIVING Brand.

Mobile Marketing and Web Development

Business is at a point today that if you are not thinking about how you can take care of your customers wherever they are, you are just handing business to your competition.

Most customers want to know who you are, what you do, why they should do business with you and how to contact you from wherever they are.

Creating web solutions that take this into consideration is critical to developing Tangible Evidence for your brand.

We want to work with you to understand how your customers interact with you on the web and utilizing mobile technology. What will make their lives easier and create small changes that make huge differences? Our partners deploy leading edge techniques to solve your unique problems. We are there to make sure that what is developed is consistent with your brand, message, market and tells the story of your value.

Video Production and Custom Photography

You live in a world where image plays a huge role in explaining who you are, what you do and the value that you provide. Stock video and photography cannot tell your story!

We will take the time to work with you, through our partnerships, to create custom work that shows you in your best light and lets others quickly understand how you can help them.

Trade Show Development

You have 3 seconds to be noticed!

It is possible to have ROI from a trade show but it requires a strategic plan. Trade shows are not successful just by showing up. You need to develop a strategy.

  • Pre-show to make sure the right people come to your booth.
  • During the show you need to have a consolidated approach to attract prospects, gather data, give information and stimulate a call to action.
  • Post-show you need to follow up and follow through.

Through our consultation services we can help you develop an on-going, successful trade show plan that dovetails with your overall marketing strategy, provides real return on your investment and Gets YOU Noticed!

Incentive Marketing

People need to be motivated, recognized and rewarded. It is just who we are. The thing that most people do not tell you is that incentive marketing is not a branding exercise. Where promotional marketing is designed to have people view your brand as many times as possible, incentive marketing is designed to make people feel valued. People know whom they received a valued gift from, the logo on it does nothing but detract from its value.

Let us work with you to develop incentive programs for safety, sales performance, long term service or customer loyalty that work and bring you a return on your investment.

EXAMPLE: Here is a statistic that was given to us by one of our key accounts. Safety programs have shown that for every dollar that they spent developing and implementing them, they reap eight dollars in benefit to the company.

WHY? Because of fewer accidents, days off by employees due to injury, lower insurance rates, and higher productivity.

Excellence Rewards is one of our key suppliers dealing with creating and implementing incentive programs. They are cost effective, points based, easy to setup and easy to maintain. The best part is that they have programs that work across North America making it easy to develop one program that works for all employees or customers, wherever they may be.

Let us help Get You Noticed by your employees and clients in a positive way.

Promotional Marketing

AdoptCodePromotional Marketing, when done correctly, is a unique form of Tangible Evidence. If the piece speaks to brand, message, market and value while creating a specific call to action it will tell your story after you have long left your meeting.

The trouble is, most companies do not take the time to dovetail promotional marketing with their overall strategic marketing objectives. There are hundreds of thousands of different promotional marketing products.   The issue is 99.5% of them are wrong for your brand, market or message and will not be seen as valuable by your customer.

Our value is that we can help you create that exact item that tells your story and engages your audience.

We are here to be as creative as your budget allows to help you recognize the right clients in the right ways and differentiate you from your competition.