I really enjoyed having Brett on the YourLIVINGBrand.live show today. Brett turned the tables on me today. He asked me a few questions about how I can make his brand better.  I know that the answers will be beneficial to everyone starting or growing their business.

It was a lot of fun.

It was a real pleasure having Judy Hoberman on the show November 28, 2018. Judy shows us that we need to all understand our strengths and communicate our value. Different but equal is a motto that will take you far in life. Sit back and enjoy the energy and passion.

I have been waiting for this interview for a long time. Carol Roth is an amazing woman. She is a TV personality, venture capitalist, dedicated blogger and the creator of Future File. It is this last endeavour that Carol and I dig into on this show. Parents, it will make your children’s lives easier when you are gone and kids, it will give you a clear path to deal with your parent’s legacy during your time of grief.

Having Sarah Crawford on the November 14, 2018, YourLIVINGBrand.live show is a real treat. Sarah is the vision and talent behind my new website and an amazing wealth of information when it comes to how to communicate value effectively.


Gary Wilbers of Ascend Business Strategies is all about positive culture in the workplace. He believes that the more people understand value and vision, the more they are willing to engage and become true champions of the brand.

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Happy Holloween everyone. On today's show, we welcome Fabio Marrama. Fabio Marrama is considered one of the top young up-and-coming business and marketing professionals in Southern Ontario. Fabio is a partnerships manager, top marketing consultant, brand and community builder, and LinkedIn content creator with over 5 million posts views. He has been mentioned in top publications like Forbes and TheSpec and in 2017 won the Top 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award in Hamilton.


Shauna Armitage has a business called Making Moxie. She works with young entrepreneurs, that are mostly women, to help them get their startup focussed and off the ground. With 70% of startups across North America failing each year, it makes sense to have someone in your corner who can help you succeed.

Jane Wang of MyOptimity joins me on the YourLIVINGBrand.live show today to talk about how to incentivize employees to keep them healthy. They help employers motivate their staff to keep their clients healthy in order to reduce insurance claims and premiums.

They help companies understand how analytics can show trends and allow people to understand how little changes can help make them live healthier lives.

Mark Metry takes the mic today to talk about personal growth and how he helps people create the opportunities that they deserve. He is passionate about Augmented and Virtual Reality and how both can help you communicate more effectively. I know you will enjoy this episode.

Howard Fox joins me on the October 3 2018 YourLIVINGBrand.live show. Howard is a certified small business coach that works with his clients to help them achieve their goals.

Howard specializes in helping people use LinkedIn to help them grow their business.

I know that you will enjoy this.

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