CMYK Solutions Rebrand

The Challenge

For more than ten years, CMYK Solutions Inc. enjoyed a thriving reputation as the go-to source of promotional products, and marketing and brand-building concepts and implementation.

But the initial meaning of their name (which stood for “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black” – the four basic colours in printing) evolved over time to indicate the company as simply a printer. The name did not reflect the transition to marketing and branding in the digital age.


CMYK knew it needed more than a tweak: it needed a complete re-brand to reflect relevance in the digital and online paradigm.

Creating the Living Brand

We asked CMYK clients and customers what they expected from their relationship with CMYK. They stated they found the true value in the company’s ability to understand strategically who the client was, their value in the marketplace, the real identity of their customers and prospects and why these people engage with them in the first place. We realized the brand must be about the customer and their journey.

Rolling up the sleeves

We determined that a simple name change made no sense. Technical realities – such as existing lines of credit, ongoing supplier contracts, banking and investments – made that move a non-starter.

We created a “DBA” (Doing Business As.) The new identity needed to reflect the consultative nature of the business, and the idea that “customers are first and foremost.” The brand, and the language it used, needed to demonstrate clearly that when the customer succeeds, everyone succeeds; without the customer, there is no company.

The Results

In January 2015, CMYK Solutions Inc. became “Your Brand Marketing, a division of CMYK Solutions Inc.”

Through a series of blog posts during the rebrand process, we told the story of how a company enacts a rebrand, with the last post focused on the story of Your Brand Marketing.

Along the way, we previewed snippets of the new brand, the logo, the message and the voice to key clients. This started the buy-in from these important clients.

The success of the brand is in the formation of new clients and new relationships that were far more profitable and deeper in nature.

The work at Your Brand Marketing is now strategic, not tactical, and the level of trust between Your Brand Marketing and its clients increases as clients now readily associate with the brand and its vision.


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