A hands-on guide to understanding yours

Through a series of examples and questions, I hope to give you the skills to better understand who you are and why others find you valuable. In the end, my goal is for you to utilize this knowledge to build upon your continued success.

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“Do you want to engage employees, cement client relationships and add value to both? Purchase 500+ copies and I will come and speak to your organization FREE OF CHARGE*”

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You have a brand whether you realize it or not … but is it as powerful as it could be?

Ben Baker’s new book is a great fit for…

Leaders and future leaders

Sales teams

Those entering the workforce

Though these audiences are very different and will read this book through a different lens, the objective for all is the same.

My goal is to help you understand, codify, and communicate what your value is to others, and that is your POWERFUL PERSONAL BRAND.

Whether you are new to the workforce, influencing others to close deals, or developing or cementing your leadership skills, your objective is the same: It is to communicate your uniqueness, in a confident way, so that others listen, understand, and want to engage.


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Top 10 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement and Company Loyalty

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