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The world views your brand not as you desire… but as it relates to them.

Communicate your brand. Tell a Story. Build Influence through trust.

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We believe that workshops should be informative, relevant and engaging. Our goal is to tailor workshops to the situations and personal circumstances of our clients and provide tangible takeaways that can be acted upon immediately.
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Whether it is in a classroom of a local college, part of a webinar, or in front of a corporate audience, the ability to engage and tell a story is something magical.
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We work with mid-sized, Business to Business Corporations, to bridge the gap as you grow. Many of our clients cannot justify the full-time expense of a full-time strategic marketing person in house. . . YET! 
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“Ben is a tangible resource for persons seeking to grow their enterprises through repeat and referral business. If engagement marketing is part of your annual plan, connect with Ben and add him to your team.”
Phill Domask
“Ben is at the front of the promotional/marketing curve and I consider him a “go to” source for insight and inspiration.”
Ron Williams
“Marketing your business is successful when the message has the personal touch. Ben Baker delivers your message from concept to launch with the right idea and the right product.”
Gary Cohen

Get to know Ben

The mind behind Your Brand Marketing

Have you ever watched the TV Show “Once Upon a Time?” Well, that is where I live and work. The fishing village of Steveston, BC, just 30 minutes out of the downtown core of Vancouver is where I call home. I walk to work, know my neighbours and believe that there is a balance between life and work.

I am a speaker and an author and my book Powerful Personal Brands: a user’s guide to understanding yours will be released June/July 2018.

Let’s talk! I want to hear about your passions and goals and help you achieve them!
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Ben here! I’d love to get to know you better. If you aren’t active on any of the below platforms, shoot me an email at
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We aren’t know-it-alls.

In fact, we like to bring in all kinds of experts to expand not only our knowledge but yours as well. airs every week, where we have a different guest who will answer the question “What’s Your Story?” and tell us how they tell that story, to whom and why they should care.
December 5, 2018
Brett Fulmer

I really enjoyed having Brett on the show today. Brett turned the tables on me today. He asked me a few questions about how I can make his brand better.  I know that the answers will be beneficial to everyone starting or growing their business. It was a lot of fun.

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November 28, 2018
Judy Hoberman

It was a real pleasure having Judy Hoberman on the show November 28, 2018. Judy shows us that we need to all understand our strengths and communicate our value. Different but equal is a motto that will take you far in life. Sit back and enjoy the energy and passion.

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November 21, 2018
Carol Roth

I have been waiting for this interview for a long time. Carol Roth is an amazing woman. She is a TV personality, venture capitalist, dedicated blogger and the creator of Future File. It is this last endeavour that Carol and I dig into on this show. Parents, it will make your children's lives easier when you are gone and kids, it will give you a clear path to deal with your parent's legacy during your time of grief.

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November 14, 2018
Sarah Jo Crawford

Having Sarah Crawford on the November 14, 2018, show is a real treat. Sarah is the vision and talent behind my new website and an amazing wealth of information when it comes to how to communicate value effectively.  

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November 7, 2018
Gary Wilbers

Gary Wilbers of Ascend Business Strategies is all about positive culture in the workplace. He believes that the more people understand value and vision, the more they are willing to engage and become true champions of the brand. Get the 7 Days Of CHARGE program FREE!

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October 31, 2018
Fabio Marrama

Happy Holloween everyone. On today's show, we welcome Fabio Marrama. Fabio Marrama is considered one of the top young up-and-coming business and marketing professionals in Southern Ontario. Fabio is a partnerships manager, top marketing consultant, brand and community builder, and LinkedIn content creator with over 5 million posts views. He has been mentioned in top […]

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